Internship Program 

KIKAI College program H001

For undergraduate and postgraduate students

KIKAI institute for coral reef sciences is the only institute specialising in coral reef research in Japan. It is situated on Kikai Island, formed by one of the rarest uplifted coral reefs. As an international coral reef institute with the philosophy of「Leave it 100 years later」, we are developing projects to preserve the primary records for future generations. It is critical for global climate change analysis and future prediction.

KIKAI College is committed to developing global leaders of the next generation and aiming at sustainable development of future natural science. Further, KIKAI College provides science education and a place for dissemination for citizens promoting researchers and sciences and acts as a platform to link coral reefs and society.

Our activities

Under the theme of “from Kikai to the World”, we are conducting cutting edge coral reef research, organising community-based coral reef conservation activities and marine education, and events and educational activities to impart the cutting-edge coral reef sciences to nationwide elementary to postgraduate students and adults. In addition, we offer an island study abroad program and online lessons from Kikai Island. Furthermore, we have conducted research regarding coral reefs with children.


The KIKAI College Internship Program provides a one-month work experience at the KIKAI institute for coral reef sciences. Internship students conduct and assist research, education and promotion projects on Kikai Island and organise events to disseminate coral reef science and the environment. We are recruiting people who are interested in not only research but also science communication, and community development. As we plan to develop our activity model in Kikai Island to overseas coral reef regions, we are also recruiting internationally minded people. Scholarship students will be selected, and the KIKAI College staff will also be recruited from the internship program participants.

The successful applicant will:

  • Have an interest in science popularisation.
  • Have an interest in how to build businesses through planning and managing educational works.
  • Actively communicate with elementary, junior high, high school students and local people and enjoy living on Kikai Island.
  • If you would like to conduct environmental education activities overseas in the future, let’s make a plan together.


Internship Program
Science and environmental education, science communication, dissemination projects, research assistant
Click here to see the programs scheduled to be implemented during the internship period.

Program Contents
Duties involve research, education and dissemination projects at KIKAI institute for coral reef sciences.
○Assisting in research projects of elementary, junior high and high school students.
○Research and administrative assistance related to the institute’s projects.
○Planning and organising environmental education events
○Assisting in surveys such as oceanographic observation, water quality analysis, coral breeding, field study, etc.
○Providing face-to-face lessons to students

Compensation package (Salary, various allowances)
○Working hours are six hours a day, five days/week (no salary is paid)
○Accommodation will be in the institute’s dormitory (Onozu Dormitory). Please inquire separately about the fee.

Location: KIKAI institute for coral reef sciences
Address: 1508 Shiomichi, Ooaza, Kikai, Ooshima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
Postal code: 〒891-6151

Duration of the internship
○One month (the longer term is also acceptable. If that is the case, please consult with us)
○Applicants are recruited at any time.

Required qualifications (target students, required skills, etc.)
For all grades, no particular degree is required.

The number of people recruited
A  few people

Selection process
Document screening and online interview

*Please submit your entry sheet at least two weeks prior to the desired start date of the internship program.

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